Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pilots with planes needed!

Wings Over Watsonville Needs Pilots and Volunteers!

Wings Over Watsonville (WOW) Fly-In is scheduled for Saturday, September 3rd 2016 and EAA Chapter 119 is holding a Young Eagles Rally in conjunction.  

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EAA119 has flown nearly 6000 of the 2 Million kids flown by EAA since 1992.  Most of the EAA119 kids are local to the Watsonville and Santa Cruz county area.  Many have gone on to aviation careers with pilot licenses earned by local instructors.  There is currently an EAA119 Young Eagle in the Air Force Academy.

The program is worthwhile, nearly 50% of pilots younger than 35 got their first airplane rides as an Young Eagle.  The program supports the kids with free Sporty's ground school software (the real deal, not a kiddie version), EAA Student membership, first lesson and FAA written exam reimbursement, and many other means of support for those who really pursue aviation.

As the EAA119 Young Eagles Coordinator I am in charge of coordinating Chapter 119 rallies, ensuring they are safe, fun, and efficient.  I myself have over 300 Young Eagle rides given.

Out of Watsonville, the flights are only 30 minutes each with up to three kids in each flight.  The kids can take the controls, you as pilot demo the simple flight, and bring them back.  The smiles are huge! The parents are appreciative of your time and costs.  As you may know, Young Eagle flights are not Charity Flights as no money changes hands, as such no cost reimbursement is possible.  However, at WVI the city appreciates our contributions and discounts fuel for the pilots.  

I need pilots for WOW on September 3rd and for the rest of our Young Eagles season, the first Saturday of the month, September through April.  Fly just for WOW or fly for all season, we need whoever we can get.  Also, we need ground volunteers to escort kids out to planes and help with aircraft parking.

To make sign up easy, I created a form for both pilots and ground volunteers.  Just go here, answer a few questions and click on submit. If your plans or circumstance change, no problem, no commitment. You'll be in my pilot/volunteer notification list.  Pilot requirements are easy:
  • Legal to fly passengers 
  • Plane legal to fly 
  • EAA National membership 
  • EAA Youth Protection Plan certification (30 minute of class and a background check) 
  • $100K insurance
It's that easy, but time is short.

Thank you for your time, hope to see you at WOW!
Tom Hail
EAA Chapter 119 Young Eagles Coordinator